Ware Tranfer in action

operation all fingers ½ fingers* *mechanically identical but only every 2nd finger mounted

performance data
max. speed
800 min-1 400 min-1
article diameter
min. 20 mm 40 mm
max. 88 mm 176 mm
article hight
min. 25 mm 25 mm
max. 550 mm 550 mm
article shape
round, oval, conical

finger distance input
min. 2 5/8 inch (66 mm) 5 ¼ inch (135 mm) distance between fingers from min. to max. can be adjusted infinitely variable
max. 5 ¼ inch (133 mm) 10 ½ inch (270 mm)
finger distance output
min. 32 mm (1 ¼ inch) 63 mm (2 ½ inch)
max. 89 mm (3 ½ inch) 178 mm ( 7 inch)
separate fingerholder with quick to change fingers from coated steel or teflon for maximum flexibility 2 sets of fingerholders are required to reduce job change time in case fingerholders need to be change during a job change
type Lincoln (grease) centralized lubrication for cam adjustment mechanisms
sealed and pre-lubricated chain bearings
  see sketch
10 articles per one revolution of drive sprocket 5 articles per one revolution of drive sprocket  
supporting structure
with adjustment spindle in 3 directions


INMARA Slip Rings

- Solutions for safe transmission of high frequency signals and databus when rpm is high